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We want to keep our clients informed on some of the trends and market changes that constantly adjust according to theirs and other investor's purchases in our region. 


Rentals is our main source of return on investments for the long term investor awaiting a maximum return. We continue to have out of state residents relocating to this area. 

Individual home sales are also returning, but at a slower rate, as financing become available more sales will come in the near future.

Investor purchases are on the rise and continue to fuel the market. We have added a title company to our team located in Fort Myers. Security Title and Abstract is available to facilitate your closing needs. Whether from client to client or regular sales, and purchases.

Downtown Fort Myers has completed its Riverfront Basing Detention Project upgrade geared to bring more visitors to Fort Myers and increase our local economy. Which translates to values increasing and increased income relates to higher rental rates.


The current storm drain replacement project in Fort Myers is adding value to property by replacing requiring roads to be redone and sidewalks to be added along with street lighting and mailboxes. A majority of our clients currently have at no expense to them.

Business continues to open and new commercial buildings are being built to accommodate our increased population. Sun, Fun and growth are our key assets.


We will regularly update this newsletter with new and exciting changes. Your comments and suggestions are requested and welcome.

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